An enquiry into my Soul Story – Shakti

Shakti emerged as I set out on exploring my longing to connect with my Soul’s legend.

Who am I ?

What am I here to do?

What is my story?

What is my legend?

1. Initiation And The Sacred Portal

Colors to awaken these inquiries in my subconscious becomes my sacred portal of initiation and invitation.

2. Form – She Emerges

I sit in silence as I invite her onto my Sacred Portal. She starts emerging slowly stroke by stroke.

3. Color – Awakening The Subconscious

I listen deeply as she guides me onto colors and symbols. My energy shifts with each color and each stroke.

4.Integration And Healing

Integration of the messages, colors and symbols. She wants to turn blue, a healing from the water element.

5. The Legend Unfolds

She whispers words of wisdom. The name, the legend , the story…..

She who is the aliveness in the stillness

She who is the lovingness in the lover

She who is the seer in the seen

She who is the creator in the creation

          She who is the known and the unknown

          She who is the myth and the mystery

          She who is the manifest and the unmanifest

          She who is the One and the None.

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Rashmi Thirtha

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