In Search of my Muse – Aditi

I started Aditi just as I finished Shakti. Shakti had revealed to me that my archetypal energy was that of a healer. She had revealed that the whole universe was within me carrying the medicine of healing energies.

So with Aditi I was exploring those energies.

What is my healing element?

What are the messages hidden in my energy portals( chakras)?

Who are my spirit guides on this journey?

Who is my Muse?

Here’s the story as she unfolds on the canvas.

Initiation and the Sacred Portal of Invitation.

She emerges with the wisdom and the guides.

She whispers “I am Aditi the endless presence”……..


I am the healer and the healed

I am the seer and the seen

I am the lover and the loved

I am the creator and the creation

          I am the love

          I am the message

          I am the healing

          I am the presence…

I am the One in the None

I am the None in the One.

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Rashmi Thirtha

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