Aditi – The Unbounded Cosmic Creative Principle

Aditi (Sanskrit word born from the root ‘da’) means “Boundless-Limitless-Freedom“. She is the Cosmic Creative Principle of Void and New beginnings. As she creates and concieves, she dissolves her One cosmic form into numerous physical forms. In this play of Shrishti (creation) and Samhar (death) she shows us that each beginning is seeded with the energy of death and each death is seeded with the energy of birth.

Initially she is experienced as void. The honoring of this stillness for long enough is the seeding of endless new possibilities. This painting is a representation of this Sacred Play of the Creation-Destruction continuum within and without the entire Universe in all its manifest and unmanifest expressions.

“Aardraam pushkarinim pushtim

suvarnaam hema malinim

Suryaam hiranmayim lakshmim

jatavedo mamavaha’. ||13|| – Sri Suktam from the Rig Veda*


Dear One, Your true form is the brilliant, golden cosmic energy that has created this Universe and pervades it so thoroughly that each atom is full of your Divine energy. In the human body you are present as the kundalini energy sleeping at the base of the spine on the completion of this physical creation. You awaken to merge this ascension and decension in the physical form through deep meditation. From this center you pour the divine nectar of Self realization and radiate an Illumined-Enlightened Presence’

(*Rig Veda is an ancient Indian Scripture(Veda) composed of hymns and verses cognized by the Rishis(seers), that contain within them the wisdom seeds of the creation principle).


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