Creative Vision

My visual language emerges from deep reflection and contemplation on the alive, interwoven space of the form and formless. This ancient image-language emerges whenever my vision of awareness flows in a meaningful way towards where art, reality, myth, and imagination interfuse.

I begin by looking deeply within myself and seek to express what I may find waiting there. My longing directs me to tap into the Divine-Creative Source of Being, Śiva-Śakti; to that space where existence comes from, and to bring into visual reality the images manifesting the wisdom revealed while in this Presence. Painting Śakti becomes a soul-crafting experience, a constant communion with Her as the ever-alive Power of Creation. Each time I pick up the paint brush, I feel Her primordial creative energy transmit through me and flow through each molecule of color and imagery on the canvas, suspending them in time and space , as an eternal moment poised on the threshold of a new birth-death continuum.

Each portal provokes a visual commentary through Śakti’s innumerable forms, that at once addresses the microcosm and macrocosm, the finite and infinite, form and formless, by drawing my attention to the healing-alchemical pathways that are created through the constant interplay of colors and brush strokes. It’s as if the fabric of the canvas interweaves itself with the fabric of the cosmos as a continuum in time and space.

As an artist, I seek to create portals that open us to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, so that we may re-awaken and re-discover who we are, where we come from and where we are headed. I have discovered that the more I paint through this vision of my inner resonance, the more widely it resonates when presented to the world.

I offer this Sacred Artwork as a visual mirror, with the wonderment that each one of us may recognize our own Radiant Presence and Sacred Divinity and through this cognition, we may remember the innate Grace that dwells within.

Alchemy With the Brush

My paintings serve as a visionary tool to understand and experience the interplay and inter-connectedness of the multidimensional realms of the divine and human, and the real and imagined. These portals act as transmissions that take us beyond the definition of time and space, into a soul-response to what lies beyond the visual, blurring the edges between the unseen and the seen and alchemizing the formless into form.Śiva, the witnessing awareness, the very ground of being awakens to Śakti as the creative power of the universe, and this ‘Play of Consciousness’ gives form to the timeless-formless-boundless energies present within this space. Śakti (painting) in union with Śiva (blank canvas) alchemizes a visual tapestry embedded with primordial creative frequencies of the Cosmic Womb. Each time I stand in front of a blank canvas, Śakti dances within, enticing me into mystical realms. I play with her as she flows through each stroke, color and form, transforming the canvas into a compelling insightful Energetic Signature.
I believe that these Sacred Portals, in addition to stimulating our visual cortex, have the amazing magical power to catalyze alchemy within and without our dreaming, waking and transcendental states of Awareness. It has the capacity to illuminate the primal and transcendental aspects of individual consciousness, to awaken and reveal universal truths, and to expand the perceptions of our limitations. It acts as an instrument to bring the power of Sacred Form and the majesty of design present in the cosmos to our awareness. This instrument opens to the alchemical transmissions that emerge from these mystical-creative realms of Universal Consciousness.

A Journey in Gratitude

Born and raised in India, the wisdom of colors and their constant visual interplay is in my bones. Living in picturesque Pacific Northwest and the greater Seattle area constantly informs the artist in me through my profound interactions with its magical landscaped visions of beauty and power.

A series of interesting and intense life altering experiences of trauma and health challenges from a very young age led me onto the path of visual language interwoven with spiritual quest. I seldom found words to express the dissonance these experiences created within me. My constant visual mapping of this reality made me realize that these energies expressed themselves as images, through an innate sense of imagination born through the reality of life experiences.

A longing to know the truth of this reality, led me to deep periods of sadhana (spiritual discipline) and silence in reflection and inquiry. In this period, I was presented with a profound vision of Grace and a transmission of immense Love that shifted and awakened my inner map of truth. This opened me to an expansive vision of surrender and wisdom, which unfolded my journey towards radical self-transformation.

This inner journey propelled me to pick up the paint brush after a long gap of 25 years. Honoring this resonance and re-starting painting presented me with visions and transmissions of Śakti in all her magnificent manifestations as the Creative Power of the Universe. The Sacred Art Portals born through these transmissions had a powerful presence and revelatory power. They lent themselves to contemplate on the profound wisdom hidden within creation and revealed the mystery of being, encoded with grace and beauty, profoundly ecstatic and enchantingly bold in its visual Presence. These portals act as placeholders that create and hold space for my constant evolution and exploration of ‘living and being’ in Aware-Resonance with the Wholeness of this Creation in all moments.

Grace & Gratitude

This lifetime’s journey has unfolded as a blessing, enveloped and embraced in the Grace of the Goddess, my Gurus and my teachers.

My Gurus’ unconditional Love for me and their profound transmissions of Wisdom have irreversibly changed the course of my life. Their generous transmissions of Vidyā (knowledge) and Dīkṣa (initiation) have awakened me to my immense creative possibilities. This Visual Art Portal is a possibility that has unfolded through their vision and is a small offering of my love and gratitude to the unfathomable Love, Light and Vidyā they pour onto me.

My teachers have generously shared their wisdom on creativity, art, astrology and consciousness, inspiring me and deepening my knowledge and love for Sacred Art.

Immense Gratitude to my Gurus:
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar,  Amma Karunamayi, Sri Chaitanyananda Natha Saraswati (Haran Aiya), Dr.Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Gratitude to my teachers :

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Achala Sylwia Mihajlović, Mavis Gewant, Sasi Edavard, Francine Marie Férine, Shahana Dattagupta


My Art is profoundly influenced and informed by my studies and experiences of Spiritual-Sciences. This visual portal is an expression of this energetic interfusion within and without.I worked as a Structural design engineer for 13 years and this informs my Art through my refined sense of Design wisdom, Scale and Geometry.

I have studied Sacred Art, Visionary Art through the Color of Woman method, Intentional Creativity, Art and Science of Yantra and Ancient Temple Art of India with various teachers across the globe.

My studies in Clairvoyance and Consciousness has had a profound influence on my Visual perception and Color alchemy.

I have been studying Vedānta, Yoga, Śākta Tantra, Srīvidyā, Yoginī Vidyā, Astrology and ancient Indian texts and scriptures with my Gurus for the past 20 years.