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Soulful Woman Guidance Cards


In collaboration with Shushann Movsessian and Gemma Summers

Nurturance, Empowerment & Inspiration for the Feminine Soul

The sacred feminine is the universal feminine power expressed through the heart of Mother Earth – it is a uniting and nourishing energy that embraces all of humanity. The ‘Soulful Woman Guidance Cards’ will inspire and nurture your feminine soul, and support you in manifesting from this sacred feminine energy.

These exquisite cards are illustrated by 26 handpicked, FEMALE VISIONARY ARTISTS from around the world including Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti.

Link to buy the deck : Soulful Woman Guidance Cards

Main To Tere Paas Mein!: I Am Within You!

A creative collaboration of visual creative expression that flowed through me for ‘Main To Tere Paas Mein…Songs of Union’, a Sacred Creation of Sound-Music by Shahana Dattagupta, way shower, guide and co-creator.

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta;

Aaina 2014 : Yoni Ki Baat


(South Asian version of the Vagina Monologues) ; In collaboration with Tasveer

Yoni Ki Baat is a growing collection of authentic, bold, vivid, tender, powerful and poignant stories narrated by South Asian women. YKB acknowledges that female sexuality is an essential aspect of identity, experience and expression. This space transforms and encourages South Asian women to express their challenges, hopes, dreams, breakdowns and aspirations for change’. -Tasveer

Know more here – Yoni Ki Baat 2014

Photo Credit : Dinesh Korde – Studio DIsha

To know more about Tasveer and their work with the South Asian community in Seattle click here –

Yavanika : Veiled Perspectives


A series created for dance-drama Yavanika birthed by dancer Joyce Paul Siamak of Arpan Arts. Yavanika means Veiled Perspectives : A story about two women and their veiled perspectives on each others lives, which evoked different emotions within their consciousness. The creative journey was to connect these emotions to the elements of nature to create portals of healing consciousness. These portals were created as stage props for this Creative Connection of consciousness as  Elements-Emotions within and without the field of microcosm-macrocosm.

View the paintings here – Yavanika:Veiled Perspectives