All my offerings emerge from the interwoven space of the mystical and the mundane, a sacred space where the magical realm of the infinite alchemizes into the powerful actuality of the finite. As a visual artist, I strive to create Art that invites us to experience the profoundness of our primordial creative energies and presents the freedom to wonder and discover the truth of our highest possibility, leading us to explore and discover our innate potential of alchemy and transformation.

Śakti Soul Portrait

Each one of us carry a unique Soul Signature and a visual aura that is seldom seen yet profoundly visible through our Presence. A Soul Portrait is a visual narrative of this primordial creative energy as Śakti and how She gets expressed through our human form and beyond.

This Soul Portal acts as a visual map, creating an energetic pathway, giving greater access to your multi-dimensional self. It’s not a map that tells you where you are going, but a map that invites you to dive in and feel your way into the truth of your primordial energetic signatures and the immense possibilities that unfold through this deep connection. This mapping juxtaposes ecstatic swirls of colors with the kinesis of form implying an abstract energy exchange, yet grounding the energetics into the physical portal.

This creative process is a pure transmission inspired by tapping into the space and stillness of your soul-response to Śakti as the Creative Power and the possibilities that unfold and awaken through this. The Soul Portals are embedded with the frequencies of this powerful interfusion that Awakens and Alchemizes you and your environment by creating Healing Pathways of Radiance, Power and Beauty within and without.

This is a co-creative process. I will confer with you and guide you to envision an intention statement/an energetic imprint that awakens the primal creative-healing vision within you. The energetic response that unfolds is a manifestation of this Soul Vison and is imprinted into the portal. This in turn will support you in transforming and manifesting this intent consciously and deliberately, bringing forth intentional creative-healing abilities innately present within your unique Soul Signature.

Scheduling And Commissioning:

The initial consultation session is available in person for people in the greater Seattle area and over skype/phone for others. In this initial session I will speak with you and assist you to envision the creative intention for this sacred portal.

These portals are created on stretched gallery wrapped canvas with a minimum thickness of 1.5″. The size of the canvas would be a minimum of 36″x36”.  Other recommended sizes would be 24″x48″, 30″x40″, 30″x48″ and 36″x48″

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Commissioned Śakti Portals

Śakti portals present visions and transmissions of Shakti in all her glorious manifestations as the Creative Power of the Universe. She appears in her myriad forms as the Goddess of the Universe, encoded with grace and beauty, profoundly ecstatic and mythically bold in Her visual Presence.

Painting Śakti is a soul-crafting experience, a constant communion with Her as the ever-alive Power of Creation. Each time I pick up the paint brush, I feel her primordial creative energy transmit through me and flow through each molecule of color and imagery on the canvas, suspending them in time and space , as an eternal moment poised on the threshold of a new birth-death continuum.

Each portal provokes a visual commentary through Her innumerable forms, that at once addresses the microcosm and macrocosm, the finite and infinite, form and formless, by drawing our attention to the Healing-Alchemical pathways that are created through the constant inter-play of colors and brush strokes. It’s as if the fabric of the canvas interweaves itself with the fabric of the cosmos as a continuum in time and space and takes the form of Śakti Portal.

I use both the Visionary Art method and the Ancient temple art method to paint these portals. You can let me know which art form you prefer when you commission the painting.

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Sri Yantra


Yantras are Sacred visual geometric expressions of deities, that make visible, the patterns of sound resonances in a mantrā so as to sustain and streamline inherent energies in particular pathways. It is a geometrical form that gets created through the various sound resonances of Bija mantras (primordial sound syllables), through which the Vidyā (wisdom) and Mantrā (sound resonance) of a deity are interwoven to form an algorithmic design, coded with distinct vibrations.

They are created as a visual tool for Sādhana (spiritual practices), for moving and opening up specific resonances in the body-mind-spirit continuum and are always transmitted through a Guru to the disciple. This offering is an unfolding of the guidance, initiations and blessings poured onto me by my Gurus’. It is their vision that I share these transmissions in the form of Visual Art with all of you.

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Handcrafted Logo Icon design

As a Sacred Artist with an immense love for Yantras, Sacred geometry and Color Alchemy, I am drawn to designing and hand crafting Icons for logos, embedded with resonant frequencies of your vision for your brand and business.

Everything in creation is designed through the interplay of geometric patterns and symbols, from the smallest atom to the infinite universe. Sacred geometry is a streamlined set of energetic pathways unfolding the hidden patterns coded within the wisdom of this Creative Consciousness. It reveals to us the nature of each of these forms and its unique vibratory frequencies. Color serves as an alchemical tool to understand, experience and interpret these frequencies . Thus geometry and color interweave to form a unique Icon that has a powerful Presence and Sacred Form representative of your unique brand vision.

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Book Illustrations

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