Ishq Mastaana : Radiant Love Bliss

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta;

Kabir Bani

Haman hain ishq mastaana, haman ko hoshiyaari kya?

Rahe aazaad yaa jag se, haman duniya se yaari kya?

          Jo bichhude hain Pyaare se, bhatakte dar-ba-dar phirte

          Hamaara yaar hai hum mein, haman ko intezaari kya?

 Na pal bichhude Piya se hum, na hum bicchude Pyaare se

Inhee se neh laagi hai, haman ko bekaraari kya?

          Kabira ishq ka maata, dui ko door kar dil se
          Jo chalna raah naazuk hai, haman sir bojh bhaari kya?

English Translation

When I am the Love and Its luminescence

Then what more of cleverness or commonsense?

When I fly and soar free of the worldly plays

Then why be friendly to its typical ways?

          Those who themselves from Love separate

          Go seeking-stumbling-feeling desperate

          When my Beloved is in Union within

          Then where’s the need for seeking or waiting?

When I can never for a moment be

A ‘me’ that is apart from Love or from He

When I walk in unwavering One-pointedness

Then where’s the cause for restlessness?

          Kabira says only in this Love immersion

          Can we fully dissolve the duality illusion

          This walk in Oneness is oh-so-subtle

          The burden of “two” will have you stumble

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