Guru Tattva (the Guru principle)

Present in meditation, I sit embraced in the fullness of the Love and Light that has graced my life in the form of Guru/Guru Tattva. It is a blessing to fully embody this all pervasive essence of light within and awaken to the Guru Principle in the continuum of this body-mind-spirit essence.

In India the full moon after the summer solstice is celebrated as Guru Pournami (the fullness of light). ‘Guru’ means Light and ‘Pournami’ means Full. Today this energetic vibration is present in its fullness in the Universe(macrocosm) as a blessing and celebration to be embodied within (microcosm).

The word Guru means the all pervasive Light – ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means dispeller and Tattva means the essence or reality. So the word ‘Guru-Tattva’ represents the all pervasive energy/principle that is the source of everything in the creation. It is the underlying principle of the ever vibrating creative energy, the essence of the seer-seen/creator-creation. This has been beautifully worded by Adi Shankaracharya, a mystic and guru of the 8th century in a hymn dedicated to Shiva, the Adi Guru (the first form of this all pervasive formless light principle)

Ishvaro gururatmeti murti-bheda-vibhaagine

vyomavad vyaaptadehaaya dakshina-murtaye namaha;


Salutations to Shiva, the primordial Guru

Although distinctly embodied as the Lord,the Guru and the Self,

He pervades everything,like the sky.

This is the essence of the Guru Principle present as One in the All.A Guru(enlightened essence/form/energy) is the physical embodiment of this principle in fullness, in the presence of whom the essence is awakened within each ray of the Present. This is the guru diksha(awakening) of the union(Shiva-Shakti/kundalini) as the you and me be-come you-me(one) with the One (Guru tattva).

The ultimate reality of this Divine creation is Oneness. Embodiment of this Oneness in fullness in the body-mind-spirit continuum is the embodiment of the Guru Tattva through the Sacred Union of Shiva-Shakti within and without. 

I share this blessing that flowed through me in this sacred time as an offering to the One:

May the Guru in You Light the Guru in Me

May you be the seen in the seer

May you be the unseen in the seen

May you be the light in the lit

May you be the lit in the creation

May you be the blessing in the blesser

May you be the healing in the healer

May you be the Love in the lover

May you be the Love in the loved

May you be the fullness in the emptiness

May you be the emptiness in the fullness

May you be the Shiva in Shakti

May you be the Shakti in Shiva

May you be the Guru in Shiva-Shakti

May you be the Guru in me

May you be the Guru in you

May you be the Guru in All

May you be the Guru in One

May you be the Guru in None

May you be the One in the None

May you be the None in the One.

In gratitude to the infinite all encompassing Guru who is present in me as my Guru(s)/Twinsoul mate/Self/One.

Brightest Blessings as you embody this fullness of Love and Light within and without!

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