The Awakening – Sacred Dreamer

I picked up the paintbrush in May 2013 after a gap of 25 years. As a child fairytales and colors were my companions. I expressed my inner world through colors. I had forgotten this expression and was struggling to find a purpose. I was ill with an autoimmune disorder. I needed to paint my story to let go of my stories of trauma and abandonment and create new stories of love and abundance. I bought up colors, canvases and brushes and signed up for a painting class and started painting my dream. Here is who emerged.

She taught me to dream again. She taught me to paint again. She taught me to color again.

The Sacred Dreamer

I dream a dream

Of a Creator

Of a Healer

Of a Goddess

Of a Possibility.

 I love the love

Of a Painter

Of a Dancer

Of a Mystic

Of a Sufi,

 And I awaken to

The lover

The healer

The creator

The artist

In the One and the None.

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Rashmi Thirtha

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