Painting the energies of the Harvest Full Moon

Goddess of Creation appeared on my canvas for the Harvest Full Moon in September 2013. I had been painting continuously for almost 3 months now. Full moons and new moons are always special to me as I have an exalted moon in my horoscope in my fifth house of intuition and creativity. Here’s her evolution on the canvas.

Intention and Sacred Portal

Form and Color – the awakening

Unfolding of the Goddess

The Harvest Queen

As fiery as the sun

As serene as the moon

As vast as the sky

As deep as the earth

          As healing as water

          As sparkling as the stars

          As creative as Gaia

          As feminine as Shakti

I bow in love and gratitude

To that Divine Feminine Essence

Who awakened me

To the bliss of this Bountiful Universe

Within and Without.

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Rashmi Thirtha

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