Mahāvidyā 1 - Kālī – The Dance of Time

Mahāvidyā 1 – Kālī – The Dance of Time

Who in this world can understand what Mother Kālī really is?
The six systems of philosophy remain powerless to describe Her.
She is the inmost awareness of the sage who realizes that Consciousness alone exists.
She is the life blossoming within the creatures of the universe.
Both macrocosm and microcosm are lost within Mother’s Womb.
Now can you sense how indescribable She is?
The yogi meditates upon Her in the six subtle nerve centers, as She sports with delight through the lotus wilderness of the pristine human body, playing with Her Consort, Shiva.
When anyone attempts to know Her, the singer of this song laughs.
Can you swim across a shore-less ocean?
Yet the child in me still reaches out to touch the moon.
– Ramprasad (Poet and Saint of 18th Century Bengal, India)

  • Watercolor and Ink on Mixed Media Paper


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Mahāvidyā 1 – Kālī – The Dance of Time