Mahāvidyā 2 – Tārā – The Sound of Creation

Oh Goddess Tārā!
Embodiment of the primordial sound,
the very māyā bīja, I surrender within Thee;
Thou art beautiful, with form both fierce and charmful,
Thou art the Bindu and the half-moon,
Whose substance is Hūm and Phaṭ;
Thou art the Mantrā, in which, I take shelter,
within your threefold forms of the Gross, Subtle, and Supreme,
Thou art beyond the reach of the manifest sound – || 4 ||
-Tārāśtakam from Nīla Tantrā

  • Watercolor and Ink on Mixed Media Paper


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Mahāvidyā 2 – Tārā – The Sound of Creation