Who is She?

“I take pleasure in my transformations, I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me”. – Anais Nin

Growing up in India, the Goddess has always been a part of my life from the day I was born. I loved the way she was honored and nurtured. As I look back and give this some thought I realize that I recognized this as an honor and respect to every woman who is a living embodiment of the Goddess. The wisdom, intuition, love, compassion and healing abilities we have as humans is enormous, and these are powerful energetic vibrations of the divine feminine and I have always been drawn to these vibrations. As I went deeper on this path of wisdom and healing I was drawn to explore these feminine energies and forms. I always wondered about Her…..

When we look into the world, we perceive it through our senses, our mind or our intuition as per our conditioning and our frequency of awareness at that moment. For example, when we look at a flower, we perceive a certain shape, color, form – we trust this picture, paint it, photograph it, print it, fix it or let it flow in our mind and build a frame of memory around it, so that recognition comes quick when we see the same flower again. Yet, when we look through a microscope there is no fixed form or color, but space with tiny bits of matter/energy flying in that space. We build our reality through this perceived awareness. I went on this exploration of the goddess with my perceived awareness and here’s what unfolded…..

The Goddess to me portrays the feminine aspect of the Universal consciousness. She is the divine feminine energy at its highest vibration of wisdom, manifesting in the universe in different forms and realms at different frequencies. She is the mystery, the subtle and the hidden that has to be realized and explored.

Women are the manifestation of this energy in the physical form. We are created in her essence and embody this energy of the Goddess within us. I realized that by just being in her presence I lit up to that energetic vibration. As I explored and connected with her I was taken to a realm beyond the known to a serene inner space within me, birthing a path of wisdom, healing and creativity. In this process of spiritual unfolding she was present guiding and inspiring me. Meditating on this presence unfolded my own inner transformation.

I realized that our talents and gifts are aspects of the universal energy that moves through everything in the world. Everything is an energy form. The goddess manifests in different forms of this universal feminine energy. She is nurturing and creating in the form of Gaia or Mother earth. She is abundance and auspiciousness in the form of Lakshmi. She is wisdom and knowledge in the form of Saraswathi. She is love and compassion in the form of Quan Yin. She represents creation and magic in the form of Isis. She is transformation in the form of Kali. Tara represents virtuous and enlightened action. If we can look into these forms as archetypes or powers, all of us, consciously or subconsciously, carry specific archetypes or powers within us. These powers or energies are always present within us and the universe. They maybe active or dormant. When we meditate and connect with this presence we activate or bring alive their powers within us and get in touch with that energy vortex. When you connect with the energy of love and compassion as Quan Yin , or abundance as Lakshmi you get in touch with the energy vortex she represents, which makes alive that vibration in you.

As the knowledge of these inner and outer energetic connections unfolds and dissolves into one, the more you can embody this presence and start to see how your personal gifts, your love, and your strength are connected with the universal consciousness, leading you onto a powerful inner transformation, creating endless possibilities.

I end with this for all you mystics out there :

“And for those who seek for me,

know that seeking and yearning shall avail you not

unless you know the mystery that

if that which you seek

you find not within,

you will never find it without.

For behold,

I have been with you from the beginning;

and I am that which is attained

at the end of desire” ― Doreen Valiente

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