Candraśekarā – The One with the Moon-Crown

Jaya-jaya-japyajaye jaya-śabda-para-stuti-tatpara viśvanute
jhaṇa-jhaṇa-jhiñjhimi-jhiṅkṛta-nūpura-siñjita-mohita-bhutapate |
naṭita-naṭārdha-naṭī-naṭa nayaka-nāṭakanātiṭa nāṭyarate
jaya jaya he mahiṣāsura-mardini ramyakapardini śailasute || 10 ||
Mahiṣāsura Mardini Stotram

You are the victory over victory; You are the sweetness in every melody;You are the gracefulness in all dance postures
In your beautiful abode on Mount Kailash, when the auspicious time of dusk sets in, You become eager to perform the holy tāndavā dance with your Beloved Naṭarāja, the king of dance.
The delicate sounds of your anklets ‘jhaṇa-jhaṇa-jhiñjhimi’, draw him out of his intoxication onto Your Blissful Form.
As You begin your dance of dissolution for the creation of all new worlds, Your bodies shine intensely with golden light, giving radiance to the Moons’ in Your crowns as You merge in Sacred Union.

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Candraśekarā – The One with the Moon-Crown